Our Business

Japan Marina Products provides mooring-related products and equipment
such as floating piers for use in the construction of marinas in all water areas,
including harbours, fishing ports, rivers, lakes, and dams, primarily in Japan.

Main business contents

As an authorized Yamaha Motor dealer, we have an established track record of construction on all Yamaha-related marinas in Japan. We are also heavily involved in the construction of Japan’s unique public marinas, and have a diverse and extensive range of experience and expertise.

We provide information and proposals for various marina-related products to marina business operators, as well as actively supplying and supporting the introduction of exceptional overseas products into the Japanese market.

  • Sale and brokerage of floating piers and auxiliary equipment
  • Sale and brokerage of mooring facilities and related facilities for use in marinas, etc.
  • Design and consulting for marina facility plans such as floating piers
  • Support for overseas product manufacturers wishing to enter the Japanese market

Wide-ranging business scope

Marina products

Mooring facilities, refuelling facilities, land storage facilities


Pier renovation, maintenance parts

Introduction of overseas marine parts to the Japanese market

Marketing support, etc.

Aluminium piers for the fishery market

Live box piers, landing piers

Piers for private companies/individuals

Resort hotels, rental boats, vacation homes, etc.

Piers with environmental measures

Wastewater treatment equipment, etc.

Customers interested in the Japanese marina market Please feel free to contact us regarding our functions for supporting your entry into the Japanese market