We supply aluminium floating piers, mooring beams, elastic mooring ropes,
and other marina related products and parts.

Marine facilities

Mooring facilities

Floating piers/Yamaha pier stages

We carry environmentally friendly, highly recyclable aluminium frame piers. Our flexible floating piers can be used in a wide range of environments, from full-fledged marinas to temporary mooring facilities.

  • Durability : Highly durable frames and floats
  • Appearance : Our attractive piers feature highly detailed designs
  • Economic pricing : Lower costs through reduced installation time
  • Expandability : Anchoring device provides ease of installation and layout flexibility

Mooring beams / Yamaha Y beams

Exceptionally environmentally-friendly, attractive, economical, and convenient. These flexible mooring fixtures can easily be adjusted to fit different boat sizes after pier installation.

Large aluminium monocoque pontoons

Aluminium monocoque pontoons are lightweight and sturdy, with few restrictions on shape or dimensions. This makes it possible to use them in a wide range of applications, from large ship piers to floating stages.

Recreational pontoons (REC-PON)

These are multipurpose marine recreation sites which use pontoons. They can be installed in little time, for a low price, and can be relocated. They provide users with an unusual floating activity space.

Elastic mooring ropes

These anchoring systems are perfect for sites with soil that is not conducive to pile driving or in areas with deep waters. They are environmentally-friendly, attractive, and economical. They are also strong and highly durable.

Floating breakwaters for pleasure boats

These breakwaters protect pleasure boats and facilities from wind waves and boat stern waves in marinas. They use Yamaha’s unique breakwater mechanism to provide excellent results for a lower cost than conventional breakwater facilities.


These smartly shaped securing devices are highly durable. The flexible guide rails can accommodate maximum tide heights. They also preserve the beauty of the locations in which they are installed.

Gangway (slope)

This approach equipment allows access to piers even during periods of ebb and flow. These slope gangways have gradual inclinations, making it possible to transport objects over them smoothly. Their surfaces are processed to prevent slipping. Deck finishes are also available.

Gangway (adjustable stairs)

This approach equipment allows access to piers even during periods of ebb and flow. The adjustable stairs require little installation space and make movement efficient and safe. Their surfaces are processed to prevent slipping.

Marine facilities

Other auxiliary facilities

FRP pile caps

These pile caps prevent steel pipe pile rusting, and have pointed tops to keep birds from landing on them and prevent them from being soiled by bird droppings.

Rescue ladders

These rescue ladders are for use in the event of falling from piers into the water. They are normally located under the pier but outside of the water, so mollusks do not become attached, preventing those who require rescue from being injured when using them. They are compact when stowed, so they do not interfere with mooring.

Luminescent fenders

These low cost pier corner fenders are made with luminous material that provides long hours of lighting without requiring wiring. This helps prevent collisions with piers even at night.

Land facilities

Land storage facilities

Boat racks

These vertical racks can be used to store boats, personal watercraft, and the like. This makes it possible to effectively utilize marina space.

Mooring rings

We carry a variety of mooring rings, used to secure slips, to fit a range of uses.

Land facilities

Service facilities

Refuelling facilities

These facilities can be used to fuel boats both in the water and on land. They are made with highly durable material that resists salt and weather corrosion. Different fuel types and discharge rates are available.

Charging and water supply equipment / Lighthouse power post

Lighthouse power posts safely supply power and water from piers to moored boats. They light up at night, improving both the appearance and safety of the facilities.

Wastewater treatment systems / Pump A Head

These systems make it possible to easily and hygienically treat wastewater in boat folding tanks. Suctioned wastewater is sent to a cleaning tank. These systems will be necessary in marinas in the future from an environmental standpoint as well.

Weather display systems

These systems display weather data for the area around the marina in real-time, providing marina users with information before they set out, helping them have safer voyages.

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